The Power of the Web

TechCrunch covers, a "group buying" site based in China,

co-ordinate large numbers of consumers interested in buying the same products. People agree on a place and time to meet, then enter the store in crowds of up to 500 people at once. The crowds tell the store owners that they all want to buy, say a TV or a stereo, but everyone wants 10 to 30% off the retail price.

I remember Stewart Brand writing about this concept being applied to groups of people interested in buying the same model car in his book about the MIT Media Lab.


Amanda Signs off from Rocketboom


June 16th

Andrew Barron, owner of 51% of mega-popular video blog show, Rocketboom posts on his blog about the CBS and Dan Rather parting ways,

I always liked Dan Rather and feel as though he made one mistake that pales in comparison to all the worth he brought the world over the years. I’d like to see him drop CBS and his PR agents to create an online video news site.

July 5th

Saying that, “Andrew no longer wants to be my partner,” Amanda Congdon, the host and face of Rocketboom, says that she will no longer be on the show