Office is a first person shoot ’em up

answwerholicsDanny Sullivan takes a look at the growth of and compares it to other successful social media properties.  

If it were a computer game, Wikipedia would be a strategy game in which you take a long view to win a campaign or goal. Yahoo Answers is a first-person shoot-’em-up. Questions appear, and as soon as one is shot down with an answer, it’s on to the next one.

Some of the top players on the leaderboard spend up to 15 hours/day on the site, it’s definitely addictive. There’s even a Yahoo Group dedicated to kicking the habit.

Yet another way to monetize your audience

The NY Times writes about how TiVo is getting into the audience research business. It’s inevitable really and the fact that they have a VP of Audience Research doesn’t suprise me. The usage behavior that they can dig through can reveal all sorts of trends that would be of interest to any market researcher.

For example, one study for a consumer packaged goods company, which Mr. Juenger declined to identify, found that commercials featuring animal characters, when shown on animal-related programs, were skipped less often than usual.

They already make available a running tally of the most recorded shows and have the technology to look at the most replayed ads of the Super Bowl. As more and more TiVo devices connect to internet broadband connections to take advantage of the free extra services, the ability of TiVo to pull in usage data from multiple sources of media will present a challenge to more traditional, TV-centric services.