Month: September 2006

  • Putting out fires with a 747 Supertanker

    Flying down to Burbank this morning I could see the smoke from the massive forest fire that has been raging in the hills to the North of Los Angeles since Labor Day. I heard that they beat back the flames using a DC-10 reconfigured for firefighting and while looking for a photo of this jet,…

  • Polaroid-o-nizer – creating an online version of a classic offline medium

    All sorts of fun this week with image manipulation. The Image-Rich Blogroll got a fair bit of play but there was some grumbling on that it was too manual. Yes, it would be good to automate this stuff I dream up – that’s a project for a rainy day. Next on the agenda of cool…

  • Undocumented “spouse-finder” feature in Facebook

    With all the hoohah over Facebook’s mini-feed feature, one new service was exposed that I didn’t see in the documentation anywhere. Rather than setting up a simple match-making service, the folks at Facebook have pushed the envelope with their online, add-a-spouse feature. I was about to send off a hearty congratulations to my colleague when…

  • How to Create a Thumbnail Blogroll, a 20-minute hack

    Yahoo! had one of its internal hack days [1] today and while work kept me from devoting enough time to work on an effort on the scale of last time, an email at 9am this morning did give me the chance to show at least something at today’s show-n-tell. I’ve been thinking of picture-in-picture badges…

  • Sony Mylo

    Forgive the commercial break – Sony Mylo is pretty cool though – just testing video embedding on a post.

  • Top 10 Presentations

    I pretty much agree with all the presentations on this list except for the exclusion of zefrank’s performance at the TED conference in 2004.

  • Microsoft Max

    A P2P picture sharing service or viral user acquisition service for Passport?

  • 1K Project

    The 1K Project overlays 1,000 replays from the PC game Trackmania and composites them into a single video. A lesson in automotive physics and combustion driven liquid dynamics. No one knows who made this video or where it came from.