Polaroid-o-nizer – creating an online version of a classic offline medium

deepthought.jpgAll sorts of fun this week with image manipulation. The Image-Rich Blogroll got a fair bit of play but there was some grumbling on that it was too manual. Yes, it would be good to automate this stuff I dream up – that’s a project for a rainy day.

Next on the agenda of cool web services that could be used in interesting ways is B3ta’s Polaroid-o-nizer service. Point it to any image file URL, type in some text and then hit the “Onize” button and they’ll generate a realistic looking Polaroid of the image.

There’s even a check box if you want to upload the image to Imageshack to have them host your image for you.

So if earlier this week the project was a graphical representation of your blogroll, how about using Polaroid-o-nizer to become your annotated feed of images you come across on the web?

– found while reading Pacific IT

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