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Google Maps in your Pants?


Oh my God – this is so bad it’s funny. Dave Cassel of 10 Zen Monkeys deconstructs a radio spot on the GPS-enabled Helio that features a jingle refrain that’s going to stick with me a long time. I don’t think this was what Google was thinking when they set out to “organize the world’s information.”

A Lazy Man’s Hack

Back in September I wrote about a quick and dirty hack which showed how you could use a service called to build a badge which would show a visual representation of your blogroll.

I never got around to finishing up the rest of the story. Basically, the 20-minute hack post made the front page of Digg and covered by Lifehacker so the downstream links & signups to favoritethingz blipped and they got in touch with me. Better than that, they basically took a look at my post and automated the whole thing so now when you go to their Blogz Badge page all you need to do is paste in a URL and they’ll do the rest.

Feeling real lazy? Head over to their badge page and give them your ID and they’ll create an image blogroll from your bookmarked pages. Small feature request on this one though – you should be able to feed it a tag so it limits itself to slurping down just a subset of your saved pages. I have hundreds (and I know people that have thousands) of saved links and a slideshow of all in thumbnail view is not that useful. On the contrary, a slideshow of my excellenceinadvertising tags would be useful.

Ah well, roll another snowball and let’s see what happens.