Day: April 4, 2007

  • Wagner James Au on why old school marketing doesn’t work in Second Life

    James has been covering Second Life since the beginning. If you ever have a chance to have him walk you through the virtual world an point out its hot spots, do not pass it up. Today he writes in GigaOM about a recent research report which found a large majority of residents are disappointed with […]

  • BluBet, predictive markets for the rest of us

    One of the problems with predictive market sites is the complexity of the economic model makes it difficult for the casual participant to get involved. Because the underlying dynamics of the market or methods of measurement are hard to grok, the markets never really scale to a number that filters out noise effectively enough to […]

  • Zillow Heat Maps

    I was just checking out Zillow’s new redesign and noticed something I hadn’t seen before. The Zillow Heat Map layer shows you relative price per square foot over a region. Check the box in the upper-right of the map view and zoon out to city level to see it in action. Was that there before […]