Dark Side of the Moon on Ukulele – The Tatamimats

This is one of those events that sounds worse than it really is – so San Francisco in it’s “why the hell not” spirit but click through to Laughing Squid’s embedded video of Pink Floyd’s Time and you’ll see it’s not that bad. With a few beers in my belly, I can imagine that I’d even be singing along!

From the upcoming listing:

The Tatamimats present Pink Floyd’s masterpiece re-imagined in its entirety on ukuleles. You’ve never seen or heard anything like it before – ukuleles, sonic noises, lasers and fog… This is the real deal and not a novelty act!

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Do you like working fast & furious?

We’re running pretty fast and have a whole slew of new features at MyBlogLog we are chomping at the bit to get out the door. We’re also about the quick and dirty, especially if it seems innovative and fresh. The video job posting above is part of that. It’s pretty obvious when you see this that we didn’t plan any of this and basically had these folks come in, grab what footage they could while we worked and then splice it all together into something decent.

I think it works. See the posting on for details.