Day: September 7, 2007

  • Squitters

    Some internal discussion here on people that grab brand name Twitter handles so they can later sell them to the highest bidder. Like the domain squatters of old. Remember Joshua Quittners stunt? Yahoo colleague Ryan Kuder came up with the term. squitter n. an individual who grabs a brand name twitter handle for future […]

  • Apple Price Drop: It was all part of the plan

    Steve Jobs ain’t no dummy. Robert Cringely writes, Apple introduced the iPhone at $599 to milk the early adopters and somewhat limit demand then dropped the price to $399 (the REAL price) to stimulate demand now that the product is a critical success and relatively bug-free. At least 500,000 iPhones went out at the old […]

  • Google Reader adds Search. Why Competition is Good.

    Just a few days after posting about the new Bloglines beta and how it was nice to re-discover their search your feeds feature, Google announced that they’ve finally added a search box to their Reader. I’m staying with Bloglines right now for the novelty of it but I’ve noticed; Things that get marked “read” don’t […]