Year: 2008

  • Hello 2009!

    Have a wonderful New Year’s and good luck for 2009!

  • Japan’s Super Phones

    I had a chance to visit the KDDI Design Center in Harajuku right at the base of Takeshita-dori (well worth a visit if you get a chance) as well as a few electronics stores to see what’s on offer from the major operators. Here’s some of the highlights of what I saw. The obligatory 8.1 […]

  • MyBlogLog does Social Analytics

    The MyBlogLog team are back at it again with the release of Topics. This was the last thing I worked on when I was finishing up and it’s great to see a vision realized. As their blog post says, there are almost 650,000 MBL members interacting with the social web and as each person clicks, […]

  • Software for the Nokia E71

    Old post recommending software for an old Nokia phone that was once best in its class.

  • 5 Uses for Low Cost GPS Tracking

    With low cost GPS tracking devices, it is now make it economically feasible to electronically “tag” people and things that you love. A couple of examples: Lobster Pots Celebrities such as Simon Cowell The baby Jesus statue in the nativity Your pet dog Lingerie??? But no one has come up with the most obvious application […]

  • Transfer Funds by Simply Dialing

    I’m still in the Gee Whiz phase of my learning about the mobile phone industry. The ease at which someone uses SMS to text a cab reservation in Helsinki taught me to look at SMS as a command line for the real world and today I’m learning about mobile SMS banking. My colleague Jan Chipchase […]

  • LA Times files Chapter 11, is Googlezon upon us?

    LA Times files Chapter 11, is Googlezon upon us?

    Last year in April, I put out an open wager that one of the top 100 newspapers in America would stop printing it’s daily paper. The wager had a long horizon and the service changed hands from something called BluBet to dotblu so I lost track of it but a tweet from an old Dow […]

  • Branding Personal Technology

    When devices get more personal, it is increasingly more important for people to brand their device to signal their personality. Watches have always been a popular vehicle to carry corporate brands. In Silicon Valley it’s become popular to slap stickers on your laptop to show your allegiances. As devices move mainstream, embedded branding is a […]

  • Yahoo on Widget Architecture

    I was at the local Mobile Monday event last night to learn more about Yahoo’s Blueprint development framework and soak up some of the local mobile scene. One of the presenters, sorry, didn’t catch his name, was the UI Designer and he Bill Bull, Head of Platform UED, made a very insightful comment about web […]

  • Nokia’s Netbook, the N97

    I was going to write a post about all the amazing phones I saw last week while I was in Japan but this morning’s announcement of the latest Nokia device trumps that. Techmeme is smothered with coverage. I’ve been watching the convergence of the smartphone and laptop computer into a single device called a netbook. […]

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