Month: July 2008

  • BrowseRank – Microsoft’s Answer to PageRank

    Microsoft announced today that they’ve discovered a better way to rank web pages. While Google’s PageRank sorts roughly on the number of incoming links that point to a page, a vote of confidence by bloggers and website editors, Microsoft’s BrowseRank looks at browsing behavior to see which links get more clicks. Sounds good on the […]

  • Pay-per-Click Marketing comes to Television

    Tivo and Amazon have teamed up in a partnership that anyone following the two could have seen coming. It will soon be possible to click your Tivo remote and order items like the latest album from the musical guest on the David Letterman show. The concept of using your remote to purchase stuff you see […]

  • Gnip is Ping spelled backward

    Congratulations to Eric, Jud, and the crew on the launch of their new service, Gnip. MyBlogLog has been using Gnip for a few weeks now and we’re pleased with what we see. Submit and item to Digg and it’ll move your update to the top of our polling queue and you’ll see your updates on […]

  • Google’s Flash-Eating Spider

    This announcement is definitely cool and will open up whole new areas of the web to search. But truthfully I just wanted to post this because it lends itself to a great headline. From the FAQ posted on the Google Webmaster Blog: Q: What content can Google better index from these Flash files? All of […]