Day: November 4, 2008

  • Religion and Politics

    Wow, and I thought California’s Proposition 8 was a bad idea, check out what folks here in Colorado have to vote on in Proposition 48.

  • Election Day

    See latest stories on Yahoo! News I’m traveling today so I mailed in my absentee ballot weeks ago. Without a real pin, I’ll sport a virtual one.

  • Defrag 2008 – Flow Apps, Best Practices

    A recurring theme at this year’s Defrag conference is the concept of a flow app (see Stowe Boyd post from last year) which I loosely define as an aggregator that brings together multiple information streams into a single view. More broadly known as lifestreaming, these applications are still very basic and only being used by…

  • Can you embed your social network onto a chip?

    So I’m really excited because I scored a free pass to this week’s Web 2.0 Summit based on a comment I left on John Battelle’s blog where he asked his readers for questions for executives he is going to interview on stage. My question was for Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel: Do you forsee a…