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DoCoMo Branding

DoCoMo’s new branding campaign is underway and it’s a full court press on people here in Tokyo on segmenting the market into four major archetypes.

Take a guess – which box goes with the individual featured in the photo above. Stumped? Bath yourself in the full flash experience of a very slick marketing site.

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Ultimate Cellphone Backup Service

I know nothing about the rumors swirling around Nokia launching an MVNO in Tokyo for their high-end Vertu brand but a quick poke around the gives you a sense of what (besides diamond encrusted phones) a high end cell phone service would entail.

Check out the Services layer, here’s the text for the Vertu Fortress Contacts & Calendar backup service.

From anywhere in the world, a single click backs up your data to ultra-secure severs maintained in an ex-military underground bunker in England.

Ex-military underground bunker? Sounds familiar.