Month: February 2009

  • Certain Destruction

    From brutal field tests we now turn to an entertaining ways to get rid of unnecessary documents. Presenting, The Unloader!

  • Nokia Phones, Survival of the Fittest

    Nokia prides itself on making a durable phone that can withstand daily wear and tear. The short video below gives you a look inside the test center where they drop, bend, and tumble the phones to see if they can stand up to whatever our customers can throw at it. But some tests can’t be […]

  • Do Social Gestures a Business Model Make?

    Is twitter a directory or a utility? This is the question that Charles Hudson raises in his post The Database of Intentions is More Valuable than the Database of Musings. While investigating prospective business models, he raises good questions about the ability of a collection of “accumulated musings” to determine intent which is what is […]

  • Keywords and Meaning

    Keywords and Meaning

    TechCrunch asks if twitter search gets us closer to being able to mine the world’s collective thoughts. We may be getting there as millions text their latest thoughts into their cellphones. With a simple text message, the hive mind has the potential for 4 billion nodes out in the real world (for comparison, the human […]

  • Open ID Design Summit – Links to coverage

    For various reasons I was unable to attend the Open ID Design Summit. Thankfully, the talks were very well covered so it’s possible for anyone see what happened and the current state of discussions around what’s being called the “open stack” Live-blogging the openid design summit – John McCrea from Plaxo did a great job […]