Month: March 2009

  • AdSense, Self-Optimized

    It’s obvious when you think about it. Instead of spending your energy throwing up hundreds of ads that dance around the edges in the hopes that one will magically trigger a random click of interest, why not ask your readers, “What do you want to see?” Google announced a new program which changes the way […]

  • Facebook, Twitter send more traffic than Google

    Facebook, Twitter send more traffic than Google

    Liz Gannes posted that Perez Hilton is now seeing more traffic coming in via Facebook than Google. My colleague Udo Szabo at Nokia HQ in Finland has a theory that I call the Unified Theory of Interweb Economics. The theory goes something like this: Advertising is a function of your traffic volume, the more traffic […]

  • The Startup Scene in Helsinki

    The Startup Scene in Helsinki

    I was lucky my trip to Helsinki overlapped with a meeting of Arctic Startup, an occasional meeting of high-tech entreprenuers. The event was held in the Dubrovnik Lounge, a cozy event space in downtown Helsinki which had room for about 100. It reminded me of other Web 2.0 events that I’ve been to outside of […]

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