Month: May 2009

  • Big Mess of Wires

    I’ll be taking my son to the Maker Faire for the third year in a row this weekend. It’s a great Father & Son festival where you see what happens when you throw together technology, imagination, dedication, and passion into a big pot and mix it up together. On display will be Steve Chamberlin’s hand-built…

  • Delivr your links to the mobile web in style

    A common problem with the mobile web is that pages are not optimized for the mobile browser. Browsers are getting better but sidebar widgets and other social networking cruft often get in the way of viewing sites efficiently on a small screen over a wireless connection. Enter Delivr. Combining both a URL shortening service and…

  • Yes, but can your phone do this?

    Promoting new features of the Nokia E71 with Taiwanese magician Liu Qian performing a little street art. I can’t wait for the SMS-a-pigeon feature when it comes out.