Month: February 2010

  • My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

    It’s a different experience when you’re a world away. I watched the commercials on the special YouTube channel but the spot for the Late Show featuring Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey, and Dave Letterman was my favorite. Backstory on how it all came together was written up in the New York Times. – via Laughing Squid

  • Stamp Rally for Grown-Ups

    Stamp Rally for Grown-Ups

    On our last trip to Japan, we decided to take our dog, Mimi, along to meet the rest of the family. We moved to Finland from the United States so we knew that travelling with pets involves a lot of paperwork. Avoiding a lengthy quarantine for Mimi coming to Finland required the signature and stamp […]

  • Loosely Connected

    Mike Manos has joined Nokia as VP of Service Operations and has been tasked to build the cloud infrastructure for our Ovi services. The New York Times calls him a “data-center celebrity” and reading his blog certainly shows the knowledge and experience he brings to the table. His initial post gives a hint of his […]

  • The iPad is a Digital Coffee Table Book

    After looking at the video below, which shows off the signature Apple User Interface, it’s very clear to me what Apple is doing here. The iPad is not a computer, it’s not a replacement for your netbook, notebook, or desktop. The iPad is a $500 entry into book publisher’s most lucrative category, the coffee table […]

  • Nordics Bathed in Broadband

    More pretty infographics via’s 2009 State of the Internet report. What is it about the internets up here in the Nordics. Norway, Sweden, Finland are the top three for internet penetration (I believe that’s number of households). In terms of speed Finland is quite a bit shy of Japan and Korea but still pulls […]

  • Solving Rubik with a Phone

    With a Nokia N95 and a Lego Mindstorm NXT kit you too can have robots solve your Rubik’s cube. The folks at ARMflix have programmed an old N95 to take a photo and analyze the pattern on a Rubik’s cube and have it sent over to the Mindstorm rig to run through the moves required […]