Month: March 2010

  • Heating by Bytes

    File this one under Green. Sometime in the near future, district heating in Helsinki will be supplemented by heat thrown off by local data centers. This will enable them to cut back on greenhouse gases produced by more traditional methods to heat the water that is pumping through radiators across town. In a first of its kind […]

  • USPO should copy Finnish NetPosti

    A recent editorial in the New York Times spoke of how internet commerce is eating into the US Postal Services’ bottom line. The Postal Service made a profit until 2006. Since then, declining mail volumes — as more Americans use e-mail and pay their bills online — and the demands of its retiree health benefit […]

  • Monetizing Games

    Practical advice on game design from Disney Imagineer and Carnegie Mellon Professor, Jesse Schell in this recent talk at DICE 2010 conference. It’s all about tapping into the desire to level up.