Month: April 2011

  • Clever Hack for Mobile User Studies

    For less than $100 you too can whip together a pocket cam rig to film test users of your mobile app and spot trouble areas. From the Artefact blog: Staring over your participant’s shoulder isn’t creating the most natural situation when testing user experiences. You get less than ideal viewing angles, participants can’t get into […]

  • Moving Sale

    The two year Finnish adventure is coming to a close so the wheels are in motion to pack up the Helsinki apartment and ship things back to California. Not everything though. I put together a list of things to sell, mostly appliances, with several big ticket items such as a big screen TV and a […]

  • WVIL Concept Camera

    Flickr’s Camera Finder tells us that the traditional point-and-shoot cameras are on the way out while, as a whole, camera phones are on the way in. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have in your pocket. What if one were to go with this trend and merge what’s best about […]

  • It’s not that bad

    The inevitable layoffs announced today at Nokia (where I work) were not as bad as expected. The trick of how to keep the Symbian development teams churning away when you’ve already announced that you’ll be ramping it down was solved by shifting a block of 3,000 employees over to Accenture where they can continue to work […]

  • First Crowd-Sourced Car Company

    First Crowd-Sourced Car Company

    I just listened to a TWiST interview with John “Jay” Rogers, President and CEO of Local Motors, a Southern California company that has set up a platform for a vibrant community of car enthusiasts to share and vote on each other’s car designs. There first car, the Rally Fighter, is coming off the line and […]

  • Speed Climbing Eiger

    I first read about Eiger in Jon Krakauer’s book, Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains in which he writes, The problem with climbing the North Face of the Eiger is that in addition to getting up 6,000 vertical feet of crumbling limestone and black ice, one must climb over some formidable mythology. The trickiest […]

  • Dear Blank

    This brilliant zinger and more await you at Dear Blank, Please Blank.

  • More Sellouts from the Archives

    Part of the joys of packing (I’m due to move back to California from Helsinki at the end of May) is you go through stuff and figure out what you can pitch. Last night I ran across a trove of old clippings that I never got around to scanning in and adding to my old […]

  • 森の木琴

    OK. Making fun of Sharp’s Touch Wood phone’s naming was an amateurish cheap shot. Mea culpa. NTT’s advertising campaign for the phone is pure, beautiful, brilliance. Advantage NTT docomo!

  • Eco-friendly module housing from Finland

    4Nature is a Finnish company that makes modular homes that are easy to construct, giving people in disaster zones long term shelter, getting them out of tents or other short term shelters. A 55-square meter house can be built by three people in 48 hours using simple tools without electricity. I met Mikael Arpiainen, the CEO […]

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