Day: April 4, 2011

  • Eco-friendly module housing from Finland

    4Nature is a Finnish company that makes modular homes that are easy to construct, giving people in disaster zones long term shelter, getting them out of tents or other short term shelters. A 55-square meter house can be built by three people in 48 hours using simple tools without electricity. I met Mikael Arpiainen, the CEO […]

  • Media Distillery

    Media Distillery

    Fooling around with here is what I get when I post the entire text of the top four articles referenced by three leading social, news aggregators. The top four articles, which got top billing across all three services, were: Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them? – TechCrunch […]

  • The Modern Media Stack

    All eyes are on SB Nation who will play host to a new gadget site powered by eight staffers hired away from Engadget over at AOL. Former Engadget editor, Joshua Topolsky, describes being attracted to SB Nation’s vision which is equal part passionate writing (no one ever reads an “objective” sports column) and sophisticated real-time […]