Month: June 2011

  • Oblong and the g-speak UI

    Remember the computer UI in Minority Report? Yeah, they can do that now.

  • Excellence In Advertising

    I was asked the other day to name my favorite advertisement. In terms of effective engagement, I think branded apps are the best combination of free-to-the-consumer utility and on-going engagement for the brand. I recently downloaded an app to help me find the closest Chevron gas station because my dealer said that their special gasoline […]

  • Peanutweeter

    From a site called @peanutweeter which combines tweets with stills from Peanuts, updating the 1950’s comic strip to a commentary of our time. β€œThe site arose from the concept that the amusing and sometimes outrageous tweets out there would be even funnier or sometimes darker if they came from someone that everyone could identify with,” […]

  • MyBlogLog β†’ OneTrueFan

    MyBlogLog β†’ OneTrueFan

    Remember those subscriber cards you found tucked into magazines that asked questions about your income, education, sports you liked, where you traveled or what newspapers you read? The editors and advertisers of that magazine were trying to find out more about their readers. Except for the folks that took the time to write in, an […]

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