Month: April 2012

  • The Modern Luddite’s Prayer

    Sherry Turkle write’s in this week’s Sunday NY Times (The Flight from Conversation) that in the pursuit of connections via technology (email, texting, social media) we are forgetting the slow rhythm and cadence of face-to-face conversations. FACE-TO-FACE conversation unfolds slowly. It teaches patience. When we communicate on our digital devices, we learn different habits. As we ramp […]

  • Scaling to 50M users – OMGPOP’s crazy ride

    Scaling to 50M users – OMGPOP’s crazy ride

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big gamer. I never got into flash game sites, Farmville, Zynga, or any of the games you can download to your phone. Yeah, I’m kinda boring that way. I first noticed OMGPOP’s Draw Something on the train when I saw someone trying to draw a Monopoly […]

  • Radiohead streamed live from Coachella

    Radiohead streamed live from Coachella

    YouTube is streaming live from Coachella this weekend. I don’t normally watch live concerts on my computer but I was working tonight and had this going on my second screen. As it got late, Radiohead came on and I ended up working less and watching more, captivated by the set which featured a series of […]

  • Tilt Shift, Timelapse Cities

    I think I stumbled across a new genre. Shooting your city in time lapse and giving it the tilt shift treatment. San Francisco New York Tokyo Paris Does your city have a particularly nice timelapse, tilt shift video?

  • The Original Mashup

    Now that Spotify has embedded music, I thought it’d be fun to try out the original mashup. You need to have Spotify running first in the background but once you have that up, Press play on the movie then press play on Dark Side of the Moon album below the movie when you see the third […]

  • Caine’s Arcade

    Caine’s Arcade

    Caine’s Arcade is a charming short film about a 9-year old boy who built a homemade  arcade out of cardboard boxes at his dad’s used auto part store in East LA and how a community rallied to show him some love. One day, by chance, I walked into Smart Parts Auto looking for a used door […]

  • Speed of Execution

    The Instagram deal came together in record time: A call late last week from Mr. Zuckerberg to Instagram Chief Executive Kevin Systrom led to a weekend powwow at Mr. Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto home and ended in a handshake Sunday night, people familiar with the matter said. The Wall Street Journal on the $1 billion Facebook […]

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone. What’s on your schedule today? Brunch with mum? Easter egg hunt? Or maybe a visit to see the Easter Bunny? Find this gem and more at the Cheezburger network’s Sketchy Bunnies.

  • The Other Side of Elvis

    I’ve been digitizing some of my old cassette tapes from college and found this little clip tucked in as filler. It’s a rare clip of Elvis, lashing out at reporters and paparazzi spreading gossip about his drug addiction. Even the fans in the audience seem a bit taken aback by the violence of his words. It’s […]

  • commis restaurant

    commis restaurant

    As we were seated, we were offered a small bowl of stones with two, small toasted cheese treats covered in ash to look like the small pebbles on which they were arranged. When I asked the server what was put before us, “A bowl of rocks, sir” was the reply. More Amuse than Bouche. We […]