Month: July 2012

  • Find your first tweet with oldtweets

    Find your first tweet with oldtweets

    UPDATE: Twitter announced that you can now request a zip file of all your tweets. Kellan Elliott-McCrea, the CTO of Etsy, has made available an searchable archive of Twitter’s first year of tweets. It’s a fascinating dip into the early days of the service. The first two tweets from Biz and Ev testing out their new […]

  • Is Next Issue the Spotify for Magazines?

    Over the weekend I posted a question wondering why no one has done what Spotify has done for music and Netflix for movies. The fact that no one has stepped in┬áto offer a bundled subscription for another “old media” type, the magazine & newspaper, seemed like an opportunity to me that made economic sense. Yesterday, […]

  • Gymkhana your Morning Commute

    Gymkhana your Morning Commute

    Ken Block is bound to inspire some drivers on tomorrow’s commute. Check out this crazy video of him weaving in and around the streets of San Francisco. A couple of things impressed me: Able to clear out a section of the Bay Bridge in May. Full speed launch up Taylor Street that would make Steve […]

  • Subscription Bundles

    Subscription Bundles

    Very interesting experiment over at the Chicago Tribune. The Chicago Tribune will at last begin charging for its online content through an innovative scheme that will also give readers access to a premium package of third party content, the newspaper has told paidContent. Under the plan, readers will see selections from the Economist and Forbes […]

  • The Internet is our Attic

    The Internet is our Attic

    As my son enters his teen years, he is using the internet to uncover┬ánostalgic items from my past. Two things he uncovered today: Star Wars via Telnet has been something that’s been around for years but somehow passed me by. Open up a terminal window and type telnet towel and sit back and watch […]