Month: August 2012

  • That Burger Has Strength, Dayum

    Long weekend here in the USA, a land where one guy’s review of a hamburger gets remixed into an iTunes hit.

  • Wolfram | Alpha Personal Analytics. Quantified-self on demand

    Wolfram | Alpha Personal Analytics. Quantified-self on demand

    Wolfram | Alpha posted about a self-analysis tool, the Personal Analytics for Facebook. All you need to do is go to their site and register with Wolfram | Alpha and connect it to your Facebook ID (giving them permission to read your friend lists) and then they’ll run all sorts of analytics on your social…

  • Analog to Digital

    There is a great interview with Thomas Peterffy on NPR’s Planet Money podcast this week. Mr. Petterffy is credited with bringing computers to Wall Street. In the clip below, he talks about how he cut the cord to his NASDAQ terminal and patched it into the back of a computer so that his trading algorithm…

  • Loss of Innocence

    Loss of Innocence

    Yesterday, my 10 year-old daughter, discovered that the Tooth Fairy no longer exists. I was packing to return home from our vacation and was about to stow some bandages in my toilet bag when she caught a glimpse of her note and tooth that she had left for T.F. under her pillow several days ago.…

  • Serving the Customer

    Serving the Customer

    In Japan, attending to the needs of the customer is not only a pre-requisite, it is a minimum requirement to participate in the domestic economy. The Japanese consumer is a particularly fickle shopper. The mere whiff of attitude will drive away shoppers and with it, the business. Back when I lived in Tokyo when VCRs…

  • Mars Curiosity computer specs

    Mars Curiosity computer specs

    Inside the Mars Curiosity Rover is basically an Apple G3 (PowerPC) computer with 256MB of DRAM, and 2GB of flash storage (see ExtremeTech for details). Note that this cpu is about 1/4 the speed of an iPhone half the RAM (512MB) and much less than the 64GB of storage memory. Oh, and the software? Some of…

  • Timelapse of the Golden Gate

    Timelapse of the Golden Gate

    I had some time to kill over the weekend so tried out a timelapse of the fog rolling in over San Francisco. Here’s the result. Sunset on the Golden Gate from ian kennedy on Vimeo.

  • The Customer is God

    The Customer is God

    I am a bit surprised that there was not more buzz around Doc Searls’ recent article, The Customer is God, where he re-hashed his argument for a new world of merchant/customer relationship that he has been noodling on for the past several years. Since the Industrial Revolution, the only way a company could scale up…

  • Gabby Douglas = Grace

    Gabby Douglas = Grace

    I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Olympics this year but this photo by Greg Bull of the Associated Press stopped me in my tracks. (click image to enlarge) UPDATE: Some details on how the photographer captured this shot over on Poynter.