Year: 2012

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone. What’s on your schedule today? Brunch with mum? Easter egg hunt? Or maybe a visit to see the Easter Bunny? Find this gem and more at the Cheezburger network’s Sketchy Bunnies.

  • The Other Side of Elvis

    I’ve been digitizing some of my old cassette tapes from college and found this little clip tucked in as filler. It’s a rare clip of Elvis, lashing out at reporters and paparazzi spreading gossip about his drug addiction. Even the fans in the audience seem a bit taken aback by the violence of his words. It’s […]

  • commis restaurant

    commis restaurant

    As we were seated, we were offered a small bowl of stones with two, small toasted cheese treats covered in ash to look like the small pebbles on which they were arranged. When I asked the server what was put before us, “A bowl of rocks, sir” was the reply. More Amuse than Bouche. We […]

  • Amazon’s Robot Army

    Yesterday I posted videos of two kinds of robots. One showing a driverless car that allowed a blind person to pick up some Mexican food and his dry cleaning, another, some kind of hive-mind controlled swarm of micro-quad copters that seemed to come right out of a Michael Crichton novel. Today, via an high school […]

  • Driverless Vehicles – Two Kinds

    Google released an amazing video showing one of their driverless car taking a blind man out to get tacos and pick up his dry cleaning. This is good. In a tweet the other night, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo pointed to a swarm of programmable Nano Quadrotors and mused, “It’s with confidence and dread that I’m […]

  • What’s Old is New

    When you’ve been around long enough, you start to see old ideas, re-invented. These guys have managed to crack the nut of how to monetize social media by charging $35 to print your twitter stream onto toilet paper which you can then use in the restroom. More details from Laughing Squid. Roll back seven years […]

  • Will Sony Get Back it’s Original Mojo?

    Will Sony Get Back it’s Original Mojo?

    When Steve Jobs first visited Sony, he had huge respect for the company and it’s founder. He emulated many aspects of the company and even tried to convince Apple employees in California to adopt Sony’s famous grey ripstop nylon vest uniforms. On a trip to Japan in the early 1980s, Jobs asked Sony’s chairman Akio Morita why everyone […]

  • Tsunami Debris Includes Ghost Tuna Boat

    Tsunami Debris Includes Ghost Tuna Boat

    Massive amounts of debris from last year’s March 11th earthquake in Japan is making its way to the West coast of North America. While most of the objects are not expected to wash ashore until October, some of the larger objects, including entire ships are arriving months earlier. The Vancouver Sun reports: After being flushed […]

  • Twitter for Small Business

    Twitter extended it’s partnership with American Express and building on the campaign to tap into support for local businesses with the rollout of Twitter Promoted Products. It’s a pay per-click model which can be limited by daily spend so there will be no surprises. The video is one of the nicest product videos I’ve seen. It’s […]

  • The Interest in Pinterest

    The Interest in Pinterest

    By now I would imagine you’ve all heard of Pinterest. The latest site to cater to our need to collect and curate the world around us has boiled down the act of clip-n-share to it’s most basic form, the image. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the endless scroll of the Pinterest front […]