Month: March 2013

  • Dave McClure: One can only go to Zero

    Dave McClure: One can only go to Zero

    I was listening to Jason Calacanis interview Dave McClure on his This Week in Startups podcast and had to share this amazing rant on the sorry state of investing in the United States. Dave rants on the lopsided, systemic governmental bias towards the real estate business. The worst you can do when you invest in […]

  • Feature List for an RSS Reader

    With the announcement of the sunsetting (never did like that word) of Google Reader, a discussion was kicked off at work over what features would make up an ideal RSS reader. Everyone at GigaOM is a voracious reader so we like to compare information processing tools and techniques like foodies discuss recipes. Here’s my short list: […]

  • Internet of Things – What Things?

    Internet of Things – What Things?

    All joking aside, the internet of things is a technology looking for a use. The geek in us tells us that connecting devices together is a good thing. Networks are better than the sum of it’s parts. Choice is better than none at all. Back in the day, I had a friend who set up […]

  • My Kitchen Just Crashed

    Internet of Things Gone Wrong