Month: February 2014

  • Bay Area Negitive Equity Flood Zones

    Another map mashup. This one not as pretty. We just refinanced and collapsed two mortgages into one and locked the whole thing down to a fixed rate mortgage (if you’re looking for a mortgage broker, Anthony Ingoglia is your man) to avoid the 2nd loan adjusting upward upon it’s 10th year anniversary. A lot of…

  • Google Maps Gallery

    10 years ago, when I was looking for a place to live, I had three maps to help me zero in on where to look. I was concerned with schools so I had a map from along with a school district map showing which houses served which schools. I then had a real estate…

  • Glomar Response

    Glomar Response

    The strange origin of the Glomar Response and its relation to a shipbuilder in Alameda.

  • More takeovers

    They’re at it again. Another editorially-obfucating takeover.

  • Object Trackers – Two Approaches

    Object Trackers – Two Approaches

    Nokia announced, the Treasure Tag, new hardware to go with their Lumia phones sporting the latest update. The tag is a small piece of hardware that communicates with the phone via bluetooth and an app on the phone that monitors proximity, alerting you when the device falls out of bluetooth range from your phone. Until…

  • Bitcoin Price Index

    Bitcoin Price Index, Source : CoinDesk Zooming in on earlier spike in June 2011.

  • Hacking Madden

    Hacking Madden

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday, one of the most controlled sporting events on the planet. While it’s not exactly rigged, every aspect of the game has been optimized for maximum viewing audience engagement. Sure, there’s a football game in there somewhere but every variable has been carefully engineered to maximize viewing enjoyment. Some suspect that the…