Month: June 2014

  • Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle – Project LiveWire

    Harley-Davidson is touring the United States getting customer feedback on a prototype of their first electric motorcycle. It’s unlike any motorcycle that they’ve ever produced. Rather than try and simulate the classic Harley potato-potato idle of their air-cooled V twin they have wisely gone with something totally new. If you’ve ever been surprised by a Prius sneaking […]

  • True University

    Running a start-up can be a lonely. What is glamorized in media are the high points, revenue and usage going up and to the right, the launch party, the high-fives when you close a big deal, the opening of your first office. The reality is more gut wrenching. The late night realization that you may not make […]

  • Oh the Agony!

    The Wall Street Journal quantified the number of minutes spent watching men roll around in the grass glancing sidelong at the ref. I’m surprised to see the Italian “men of glass” so far down the list. In the 2014 World Cup it is the host nation who currently holds the title with Neymar who, “had five such […]

  • Lighthouse Found

    Lighthouse Found

    There is a tradition of public mischief and random acts of art in the Bay Area. From The Cacophony Society, to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Billboard Liberation Front all the way back to Coyle & Sharpe, the people of San Francisco have delighted themselves by poking at authority with a wink and a smile. […]

  • ProductSF 2014

    ProductSF 2014

    Last week I attended the 2014 edition of Building Better Products, an invitation only conference hosted by Ty Ahmad-Taylor of Samsung Electronics and Josh Elman of Greylock Partners. As with last year’s conference, it was an agenda packed with interesting speakers that came to share their perspective on the role of a Product Manager at […]

  • Charting the Digital Revolution

    Charting the Digital Revolution

    The New York Times data blog, The Upshot has a data-dump piece illustrating the impact of the recession on various sectors of the economy. You can see the full hairball image at the top of the post but what I’ve highlighted is how the digital transformation of publishing has impacted the media business. Up top you […]

  • World Cup Time!

    Next week the world’s largest sporting event kicks off in Brazil when the host plays Croatia on June 12th. To get you in the mood, here’s a montage of amazing trick shots put together as part of an ad campaign by McDonald’s. Many dismiss the shots as fake but the agency behind the project assures […]

  • Preventing Cable Company Fuckery

    If you didn’t catch John Oliver the other night on net neutrality, swallow your coffee and go somewhere where you can comfortably laugh out loud. In fine form he cuts through the smoke, mirrors, and sheer boredom (“I would rather sit with my niece and watch Caillou”) surrounding the debate and lays out what the […]