Month: July 2016

  • Kagura, making music with your body

    Brian Eno once said, “The problem with computers is that there is not enough Africa in them.” The interfaces we use to interact with computers are too digital, not fuzzy enough to sense analog inputs. We’re stuck with mouse and keyboard. Kagura is a game that runs on a laptop and uses the camera to […]

  • SmartNews TV commercials featuring Tamori

    SmartNews TV commercials featuring Tamori

    SmartNews (where I work) is running a series of TV commercials in Japan featuring Japanese celebrity, Tamori. The tagline for the campaign is “禁断のニュースアプリ” which roughly translates as “The forbidden news application” as in it’s so addicting that you binge use it when you’ve got time alone. News Junkie are you? Check out the US […]

  • SmartNews shoutout on Google Play

    The crew running @googleplay account gave SmartNews a nice shoutout this morning. Thanks Google! [email protected]: Because some mornings you just don’t have time to read 13 million articles. — Google Play (@GooglePlay) July 18, 2016 The cool animated GIF and tagline was all them. Love it! Posting here for posterity.

  • Euro2016 in a single tweet

    There were highs and there were lows in this year’s European Championship but, in the end, it was about people all across Europe coming together to celebrate the sport. This is the reason Portugal deserved to win #Euro2016 — Duncan Hooper (@DuncanHooper) July 11, 2016