Month: August 2016

  • 12 Hidden Gems from Rio

    There were so many stories that came out of Rio but what I enjoyed the most from the SmartNews Rio Olympics page were the lesser reported stories that bubbled up on the page. Over the past couple weeks I kept a list of my favorites and below are the best. ONE: Before the games even […]

  • Tables – poking fun at tech advertising

    I finished Season Three of Silicon Valley, the HBO comedy series built around the mythical company Pied Piper. One of the episodes opens with a brilliant takedown of every over-produced tech commercial you’ve ever seen. What do you do when you have a technical product that defies simple explanations? You string together a bunch of […]

  • Golf as a spectator sport

    Golf is returning to the Olympics after a 112 years absence. I’m not a golfer so don’t appreciate the excitement of watching a four hour match on television (happy to sit through hours of watching the Tour de France though) but this Michelob commercial does it’s best to try and give us a sense of […]