Month: April 2017

  • More Good than Bad

    More Good than Bad

    Pepsi take note. Heineken celebrates what brings us together in this well-timed advertisement. Instead of dancing around or romanticizing the polarization of the world around us, this brand has set up an experiment that leans into the nagging suspicion that we have within each of us what it would take to make the world a…

  • Penna – a retro bluetooth keyboard

    Penna – a retro bluetooth keyboard

      In the pre-computer era, my father took a remote sales job that had him working out of the house in rural Connecticut. His company shipped him a large, elaborate machine which was an early version of an answering machine but the writing machine he bought was an refurbished Royal No. 10 . Elegant in design, I…

  • Crib by Ford

    Crib by Ford

    When the little one refuses to go to bed, a common parental hack is to pop them in the car for a drive around town. The gentle purr of the engine and strobe of the passing streetlights will lull most infants to sleep giving mom and dad some R & R. In what was either the…

  • All Blacks in Shibuya

    Japan is rugby-crazy so what better way to promote insurance than to feature one of the most famous rugby teams as saviors running through the streets in the middle of Tokyo? h/t AdWeek And if you like that one, be sure to check out Toyota’s celebration of baseball from last year.

  • Adidas goes high tech

    Adidas pushes 3D printing to the next level with their new Futurecraft 4D running shoe. The 3D-lattice sole is produced in partnership with Carbon that uses light as a “chisel” to blast cut the pattern rather than the traditional 3D printing methods. This light synthesis method allows for a much faster production time that Adidas…