Month: July 2020

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Jumbo Jet sunset, pitchfork protestors, and the robot actor.

  • Europe puts up a wall

    Europe puts up a wall

    The headline said, Alabama students throwing ‘COVID parties’ to see who gets infected but the reality is so much worse. It was a contest – they would invite someone they knew tested positive and threw parties as some sort of dare. And they did it multiple times. They put money in a pot and they […]

  • Dock Ellis and the LSD No-Hitter

    Dock Ellis and the LSD No-Hitter

    On June 12th, 1970 Dock Ellis, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates threw a no hitter against San Diego – while high on LSD. The story has so many twists and turns that make it even more incredible including one tidbit I only learned about later – Dock woke up the next day and didn’t […]

  • Little Big

    Little Big

    Anybody who thinks that the Russians have no sense of humor has not seen Little Big, Russia’s entry in this year’s Eurovision contest. With over 125M views, Little Big’s Uno video is the most watched video on the Eurovision channel. The annual contest was unfortunately cancelled this year due to the pandemic but there’s plenty […]

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