The week that was

The current CFO of General Motors, at age 39 and their first female CFO , announced her departure for Silicon Valley where she will be working for Jack Dorsey’s payments startup, Square.

Raiders football fans, upset at not being able to attend games at the team’s brand new stadium because of the pandemic, have directed their ire towards China and are demanding the nation pay for their season tickets.

Researchers think they may have found a potential source of antibodies to fight COVID-19 in Alpacas.

One NYC couple decided to take advantage of the lack of crowds in public places and bring their outdoor dining date nights all over the city, including the Brooklyn Bridge. On the flip side, rogue bartenders are taking their mixology on the road and are selling mojitos out of their backpack.

I’m in Boston this week where all the talk is about the new marijuana vending machines coming next month.

An oil tanker has split in two off the coast of Mauritus, an island in the Indian Ocean. Residents are doing everything they can to save their pristine reefs and beaches including cutting off their hair.

Our unintentional time-capsule of the week are the five cans of Hamms beer and package of Godzilla Heads gum found at the Walla Walla, Washington public library. The 1980s era “secret cache” was discovered after library staff moved some shelves (the Mystery section if you must ask) to accommodate social distancing.

Beloved U.S.-Swiss climate scientist and glaciologist Konrad “Koni” Steffen died in Greenland when he fell through the ice into a deep crevice.

Good Humor has teamed up with the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan to come up with a new, non-racist jingle for all its ice cream trucks.

Proposed design for the new Mississippi state flag

After removing the confederate symbol from the state flag, Mississippi put out the call for a new design and one joker fashioned one featuring a giant mosquito. The design was upvoted by many and gained popularity and even was put on the list of finalists until the powers that be pulled the plug on the idea.

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