Month: April 2021

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Judges in the UK reversed a decades-old decision by an errant (and some would say malicious) computer accounting system that convicted 39 former UK postmasters of theft, fraud and false accounting. In India someone stole a bag that they found contained thousands of doses of the Covid vaccine. The bag was returned anonymously with an apologetic […]

  • Biko’s Manna

    Biko and Manna Nhlangothi are a sister and brother duo raised by musician parents that perform as Biko Manna. They’ve been dazzling crowds with their street performances in their home county of South Africa for several years but have recently hit it big by covering Japanese pop songs on YouTube. Apparently the story is the […]

  • NYC Subways

    I found this short video on how to get around the New York subway system useful. 472 stations 675 miles of track 5.5 million daily riders (pre-covid) Express v. Local – usually the local train will be up against the wall, express trains on the inside Uptown v. Downtown – if you’re getting on the […]

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Covid-19 was discovered at Everest base camp when a member of an expedition tested positive for the disease. Vaccines are available in New York City for anyone that wants them, no appointment necessary. On 4/20, marijuana activists with Joints for Jabs gave out free joints to anyone that showed them their vaccination card. In Maine, […]

  • George Floyd

    George Floyd

    “What a day to be a Floyd.”

  • Ambient Antarctica

    I’m feeling a lot of emotions now. It’s a mix of things that contribute to a marking of time. Hearing the Derrick Chauvin verdict feels like the end of a chapter that started at the beginning of the pandemic (even though I know it’s only the beginning of another chapter). I also video-chatted with my […]

  • Alps Raw Run

    Grace under pressure, poetry in motion. I do not recommend you attempt skateboarding down the Alps but I do suggest you witness Josh Neuman’s 11:27 minute crazy-ass decent.

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached the highest level in 3.6 million years and Scientific American editors made the decision to call it what it is, a climate emergency. Some scientists recommend leaning in the trend with something called “stratospheric aerosol intervention” to block the sun to cool down the planet. Eleven Madison Park, a […]

  • Computer Simulation

    This ad for Pocari Sweat, a Japanese sports drink, simulates computer graphics but is actually shot almost entirely analog. Check out the second video for a look at the behind the scenes magic.

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Dozens of people in Cuba have complained that croquetas made by a state company are exploding when cooked and causing burns. The company, Prodal, admitted its croquetas are prone to “violence” and warned customers to prepare them more carefully. A couple in South Korea mistook cans of paint and brushes strewn about in front of […]

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