The week that was

“Those celebrating Pakistan’s victory will face sedition,” warned the chief minister of India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh after Pakistan defeated India at the Twenty20 World Cup.

A group of crypto investors are buying 40 acres of land in Wyoming to establish a blockchain-based city.

Scientists discovered water in a galaxy 12.8 billion light years away.

While other nations were discussing climate change in Glasgow, Ireland calculated that it would need to cull up to 1.3 million cattle to meet greenhouse gas limitations.

What’s a nuclear reactor’s worst enemy? Jellyfish.

A team from the University of Utah has found a way to restore sight to the blind by combining a brain implant with a pair of camera glasses.

New Jersey’s Democratic state senate president for the past 11 years lost his seat to a Republican furniture store truck driver who spent less than $10,000 on his campaign.

A publisher of scientific research was forced to retract 40 recently published papers after admitting they were “nothing more than garbled jargon.”

The Mayor Elect of New York City committed to get his first three paychecks in crypto-currency to encourage an industry founded on de-centralization to centralize in NYC.

An alleged Capitol Insurrection rioter who put his house on Zillow was hauled in for further questions after FBI agents zoomed in on his whiteboard which listed “numerous firearms listed and explosive devices.”






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