In addition to the feel-good-giving-back impulse to give credit to those that inspire you, I look at this list as bibliography of sorts, a list of my raw inputs. My impulse to share is best described in a New York Times post which describes re-blogging and tweeting as “meta-curation” which leads to controlled serendipity. Through the act of sharing, I learn, connect, and learn again. My life’s interest is in tools which assist in the curation of lists such as these.

Here’s a list of some my information sources.


  • Anil Dash – I used to work with Anil at Six Apart. He has a keen insight on how to hack media
  • John Battelle – searchblog. Author of The Search, co-organizer of the Web 2.0 Summit, John is a great filter to follow

Finland, I used to live there

  • Arctic Startup – Antti, Ville, and Mikka are single-handedly introducing the very vibrant Nordic startup scene to the rest of the world.

Fun, because everyone needs some relief

  • Laughing Squid – Scott Beale not only hosts my blog, he also is a wonderful curator of internet memes
  • Urban Prankster – Charlie Todd is the guy behind Improv Everywhere
  • 27b/6 – David Thorne is unique. Go read it
  • Pink Tentacle – all things weird and wonderful from Japan.

Mobile Industry

  • Russell Beattie – Russ has been hacking on mobile for years. He now works at Nokia Research.
  • Mobile Industry Review – Ewan Macleod is famous for his rants which are brutal but honest
  • asymco – Horace Dediu is my “go to” for financial analysis of the industry and associated chip vendors


  • Scripting News – Dave Winer’s been around for ages. Some think he’s a pain in the ass but I think he’s brilliant.
  • Ars Technica – They take a different slant on tech. Always something new.


  • Kent Brewster – love his, “what-to-see-and-do” style
  • Aku Aku – Dav is my brother in-law and loves to tinker
  • jr conlin – JR’s writing style and spirit speaks to the soul of hacking.


  • StraussBlog – Jonathan Strauss writes with intelligence, wit, and enthusiasm.
  • Techcraver – I like how Jason writes about phones.
  • Lifestream Blog – something I was interested in, for a time


  • NPR’s Planet Money – asset-backed financial derivatives in plain English.
  • Paul Krugman – NY Times columnist, Princeton Economics Professor, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Other Sources


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