Category: Current Events

  • Show me the money

    We just got our absentee ballots from New Jersey today. We didn’t think we really should register to vote as we didn’t have a fixed address yet and now I hear that the race is going to be real close in NJ so I’m more than happy to throw my vote down where it might […]

  • Google Desktop Search

    In a move that took everyone by surprise, Google announced a new downloadable product that installs on your hard drive, indexes your email, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and AIM chat logs and adds them to the Google Search results window. The expected move was that Google would launch their own, Google-centric browser but they have once […]

  • Fear Monger

    How do you win an election when you’ve driven up the national debt, sent 90% of the active military into harm’s way to neutralize weapons that don’t exist and ostracized yourself from the world community by ignoring them and mis-pronouncing the names of their leaders. You scare the bejezus out of the electorate, that’s what!

  • Mexed Missages?

    Phew! The first presidential debate is over and President Bush grasped to his single flip-flop theme like a mouse to a reed in a stormy sea. Bush kept coming back and accusing Kerry of changing his position on issues, over and over with such regularity that I began to think this was all he had […]

  • Surfing One Huge Wave

    The site that hosts this video tries to pawn this off as a shot of someone surfing Hurricane Ivan but the comments seem to agree that this 70 foot plus monster was off the coast of Hawaii at a place called Jaws and that the guy did make it after all. Still, the video has […]

  • NJ Mother thrown out of Laura Bush Rally

    Not local news for us anymore but Sue Niederer, a mother who lives up the road from our old house in Pennington, was thrown out from a Laura Bush rally in Hamilton, NJ. When Bush mentioned the troops abroad, Niederer shouted, “When are yours going to serve?” referring to Bush’s 22-year-old twin daughters, who aren’t […]

  • Crazy Weather, Man

    Watched an entertaining report from a CNN weatherman “reporting live from the eye of Hurricane Ivan” as he tried to hold an intelligent conversation while holding himself up with one hand on a rail and another on his microphone. He kept getting swept off camera with cries of, “whoa bessy” and then clawing himself back […]

  • The Dark Voice of Internet Evil

    A new worm is making the rounds of the internet and this one speaks to you. The Amus worm, which may be Turkish, uses the Windows Speech Engine, embedded on Windows XP, to play the following message: “How are you. I am back. My name is Mr. Hamsi. I am seeing you. Haaaaaaaa. You must […]

  • North Korean Nukes?

    Mushroom Cloud Reported over North Korea – do we have another member of the nuclear club, was it an accident or a test? Or is it just a forest fire? What disturbs me more than anything in this ever-connected world is that no on knows for sure and this is something that happened on Thursday!

  • Balloons

    The presidential campaign is not even over but I think they’re right to say that this is the dumbest quote from the 2004 campaign: “Go, balloons. I don’t see anything happening. Go, balloons. Go, balloons. Go, balloons. Stand by, confetti. Keep coming, balloons. More balloons. Bring them. Balloons, balloons, balloons! More balloons. Tons of them. […]