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  • Try, Try Again

    Launched in August 2001, NASA’s Genesis was a delicate unmanned spacecraft designed to collect solar wind samples for further analysis on Earth. The pod was to enter the atmosphere and deploy a chute to slow down it’s speed and while drifting to the ground was going to be intercepted by trained helicopter pilots who would […]

  • Dancin’ In the Streets

    Songwriter for The Grateful Dead and, more recently, The String Cheese Incident, cattle rancher and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is organizing spontaneous outbreaks of senseless dancing in and around the Republican National Convention. It’s become a movement We just had another brilliant expedition into elephant country. We encountered many of our quarry, converted […]

  • Electric Coils & Chickens

    Our kitchen/dinning room looks like one of those life-sized dioramas in the Smithsonian that should be titled something like “Rental Apartment in Alameda, circ. 1980.” Behind me on the wall someone thought it’d be funny to put up a Norman Rockwell print (signed litho by the way) of some Pilgrim in the stockade with the […]

  • Krugman v. O’Reilly

    Caught the tail end of the “gloves come off” debate between Paul Krugman and Bill O’Reilly on CNBC tonight. The sparring melted down to the point of name calling with Krugman, The New York Times Op-Ed columnist dutifully trying to read choice quotes from a transcript of choice O’Reilly quotes while the conservative host from […]

  • Toilet Tank

    Don’t worry, the toilet flushes without disturbing the fish and you have to admit, it’s something to look at while relieving yourself. What’s interesting is that Aquariass was covered by Popgadget, which advertises itself as a personal tech site for women, who will not be able to enjoy it’s beauty in quite the same way […]

  • Wonderful Web World

    Wonderful Web World

    As I look for the cross-section of schools and interesting-but-reasonably-priced places to exist (does such a thing exist in the Bay Area?) I found myself wanting for a school district map overlayed on top of a map showing available placed to live. I’ve found pieces of the puzzle: SF School District Map SF Zip […]

  • Scam Baiter

    Funny story posted on BBC about a man who got a Nigerian scammer to paint the number 9 on his chest. We’re jumping on to a plane that will take us all home from Tokyo. I’ll post photos later!

  • Oops!

    The New York Post jumped the gun on their morning edition and picked the wrong horse for the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination on their cover story. The offending file was quickly removed from their web site but not soon enough for Reuters to pick it up and get a comment from the Post’s rival across […]

  • SUV No Swimee

    SUV No Swimee

    Meanwhile in Hawai’i – Pat Campanella gave his wife Mimi driving lessons and she overcompensated to avoid an oncoming car sending their Toyota Highlander through a neighbor’s fence, across the patio and into the 80-year old’s pool. The couple got out fine, a little shaken and wet but otherwise uninjured. I can imagine the husband […]

  • Friendster Andy

    There’s a profile of a guy on Friendster making the rounds with the most over-the-top About Me section that it’s worth posting in its entirety: I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice with my bare hands. I have been known to remodel train stations on my lunch breaks, making them […]