New Hope & Ivy Railroad

A banner weekend for weather which we took advantage of by heading out early to get a table at our favorite Cafe at Rosemont where we met up with our friends and their kids. After a Papaya & Brie omlet and other goodies, we spend a lazy afternoon in New Hope and Lambertville skipping stones in the canal and riding the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad

Tyler & Ken-chan hamming it up for the cameraman. Everyone had a great time.

Thanks be to the Gods of the Internet!

Thanks be to the Gods of the Internet! After trawling various chat rooms a kind soul named Lydia offered to tape us the final episodes for us so we can save ourselves the embarrassment of admitting to Motoko that we can’t operate a VCR.

Since submitting my email address to these X-File chatrooms, my spam profile has taken an interesting turn,

Now I get an entertaining mix of offers for miniature shotgun mikes and infrared cameras. . .


We’re in big trouble. Izumi’s friend sent us a blank video tape and a request that we tape her episodes 19 & 20 on the 9th season of X-files. Of course my fumbling with the VCR timer screwed us up and we missed the first episode and then Tyler popped out the tape so he could watch Thomas the Tank Engine and we missed the second episode. As luck would have it, these are the last two episodes of the nine year series and the show was going to reveal all in a two part show called The Truth.

So now we’re diving into the murky waters of X-File land posting our plea on message boards everywhere and looking for a kind soul that can dub us the two golden episodes so we can avoid the wrath of Izumi’s friend. All the while knowing that Motoko also hangs out on these boards and will most likely see our post and understand why we’re late to delivery – ah there’s no escaping the roving eye of the internet is there. . .

Wish us luck, “The Truth is out there” and, Motoko, if you’re reading this – GOMEN!

Joe’s Crab Shack

Yesterday was Tyler’s 4th birthday so we took him to his favorite place, Joe’s Crab Shack down on Route One. He loves the fact that they play music and dance there so he was really pleased when the staff came out to sing him “Happy Birthday” He’s been talking about it all day.

Lost Angels

I was away last weekend at a conference in Los Angeles. Missed the lovely Spring weather back home and instead almost drowned under four inches of heavy rainfall. Lucky to have rented a car with GPS as the rain was so heavy that I could barely see the exit signs on the freeway!

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Philly Waterfront

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather on Sunday to visit the submarine Becuna and battleship Olympia tied up at Penn’s landing and check out the exhibits at the Philadelphia Seaport. Great bargain as admission is free on Sundays from 10am – Noon.

Battleship Olympia

After getting lost on the streets of Philly we made our way to the Philadelphia Zoo and check out the monkeys and shiver with the lions as the sun went down.

Art Day

Today was an art day. Morning took us to the Princeton Museum of Art where a kind an patient woman taught a collection of 5 & 6 year olds about perspective. We later sneaked out to see the Monets and the Egyptian mummy in the basement. Later we went to the Grounds for Sculpture where we enjoyed the interactive bucket playing of Billy Jonas who taught us how to give ourselves a “square of applause” and that the “opposite of a rectange is a tangled wreck.” Later, we walked the ground and wondered at the beautiful glass sculpture of Dale Chihuly whose organic forms prompted Tyler to invent a new word, “squoobly” which I think fits Chihuly’s images just fine.

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Was over in Tokyo last month

Was over in Tokyo last month with the family in tow for the launch of the Japanese interface for my company’s product, We had a proper press event where I held court for an hour or so and did my best to wow them. We got covered in some of the local press and they even managed to catch me doing one of those executive, “open hand waving over a a crystal ball” type poses that you alway see in Japanese business magazines!

Live Phish

Saw a pretty hot Phish show at the Philly Spectrum last week. Great to see an East Coast show with a great East Coast band.