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  • White-label AI Bots

    White-label AI Bots

    I’ve been playing around with a hosted Chat AI offered by Chat Thing that was recently announced on Product Hunt. Seth Godin has indexed 5M words from his blog [Seth’s Blog bot] and Dave Winer uploaded his 30+ years of daily posts from [Scripting News bot]. Both bots are instructive and give you a […]

  • Institutional memory in a box

    Institutional memory in a box

    Every publisher should be thinking about publishing their archives into a GPT-style database to be used as an internal research tool.

  • The Challenge Ahead

    The Challenge Ahead

    Generative AI presents a challenge for media companies that can no longer rely on Google for “discovery.” The chat UI commoditizes everything it indexes so every source in its index is reduced to a mere footnote. The article (or media artifact) construct will exist tangentially to chat, but with less importance to the reader experience […]

  • Search finds, chat extracts

    Search finds, chat extracts

    Publishers should not wait to experiment with conversational AI platforms so they can emerge from this Precambrian period with a reputation for quality that prevents them from disintermediation by the platforms.

  • Linden Labs bonus scheme

    How Linden Labs innovated the distribution of bonus awards.

  • How to find your Google Analytics G4 tracking script

    I don’t know why Google makes it so difficult to find the tracking script in the new G4 analytics. I guess it’s to keep consultants busy but if you’re scratching your head and trying to figure out where to find this analytics script in GA’s new setup, you’ve come to the right place. Login to […]

  • 2020 was an a/b test

    2020 was an a/b test

    One of the more chilling tracks from this year’s SXSW were the sessions about misinformation, specifically political misinformation that derailed our elections. During the first day, I attended a session titled Fact v. Fiction: Fighting Election Disinformation a panel featuring, among others, Chris Krebs, noted cybersecurity expert, and Jena Griswold, former Secretary of State for […]

  • Is Meta just Second Life 2.0?

    Is Meta just Second Life 2.0?

    The video above circulated in 2005 when Second Life was the new hotness. As a pioneer in virtual worlds, they attracted buzz from futurists that saw the platform as the next generation of the internet. Companies flocked to the platform, eager to engage with their audience. Reuters opened a bureau and someone made a documentary. […]

  • Media Innovation

    Media Innovation

    I enjoyed Brian Morrissey’s Digiday podcasts which featured interviews with various media executives. His experience in publishing and advertising brings out a level of detail in his conversations that goes deeper than most but still accessible even for a trade publication. His The Rebooting newsletter is his attempt to branch out on his own and […]

  • SmartNews goes ダウンタウン

    SmartNews goes ダウンタウン

    SmartNews kicked off a new TV advertising campaign in Japan bringing together Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masanori Hamada from the comedy duo Downtown co-star in a commercial together for the first time in 10 years. Several features that are unique to our Japanese edition are in the campaign. The hugely popular coupon feature which, if you’re […]