N900 Apps

A selection of software I’m running on my N900.

N900 (Maemo, PR 1.3)

Favorite Desktop Wigets – the N900 features four virtual desktops that feature shortcuts and widgets. Here’s a sample of what I have running on each of my screens:


  • ForecaWeather showing four day forecast for my current city
  • Shortcut to Google Reader which works great in portrait mode
  • Shortcut to Dave Winer’s New York Times river feed
  • Shortcut to Facebook. I prefer the touch screen version
  • Location Widget which can quickly show me where I am on an Ovi Map
  • Calendar Widget & Shortcut to my wife’s contact card
  • Mini view of the Audio Player next to the Tune Wiki widget which scrolls the lyrics of the song playing
  • grr – quick and easy Google Reader app.
  • gTranslate – app that uses the Google Translate service
  • gPodder – podcatcher client
  • WordPress – blogging client

Favorite Game – Angry Birds. The whimsical nature of the game mask the sophistication of the physics of the game.

Address Book sync – Hermes is the easiest way to bring your contacts’ Twitter or Facebook profile pics into the Address Book on the phone. Before you go through this trouble, it’s useful to bring all your contacts into a single, clean file. I recommend this Lifehacker trick for merge and de-dupe.

Favorite Time app – because I’m a time-zone dyslectic, mClock is a useful utility to give me a rough idea of what time it is where.

Favorite Theme – I know it’s derivative but the an-Droid theme has some really nice iconography for the Applications Manager and Media Player.

Droid theme

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