Technology fades into the background

At this year’s Google I/O developer conference, CEO Sundar Pichai spoke of how augmented reality (AR) glasses embedded with Google’s real-time translation services could break down the language barrier in face-to-face communication. While not explicitly announcing any hardware, he did show a video with a pair of glasses with a heads-up display that would show the […]


New York is a big enough city that you can be pretty sure to get a critical mass of enthusiasts in any field, as long as you gather them together around an event. When a rare Snowy Owl came to visit Central Park last winter, hoards of birders and amateur photographers swarmed the park to […]

The week that was

The People’s Convoy of mask-mandate-protesting-truckers made its way to the Bay Area where it ran into a hornet’s nest of opposition and was promptly repelled by a group of egg-pelting kids. An activist, pointing out the insanity of Florida’s new law banning school books considered “inappropriate,” filed a request to ban the good book. “Banning […]

The week that was

Workers at a Staten Island Amazon fulfillment warehouse voted to unionize, a first for the company. Staff at more than 50 other Amazon warehouses have contacted the organizers to learn how they did it. Amazon’s soon to be released internal employee chat application has apparently been configured to filter or flag messages that contain words […]