Give Away

My 2020 project

My 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to streamline my life. Part of that means unburdening myself of all the physical objects I’ve accumulated over the years.

To that end, I will give away, donate, or throw away one object each day of the year. Sounds like something worth documenting as well.

CD Booklet, Radiohead – AmnesiacG1/31
CD Pizzicato Five- OverdoseG1/31
CD Pizzicato Five – Romantique ’96G1/31
CD Pizzicato Five – Sound of MusicG1/31
CD Box Set, Bob Marley – Songs of FreedomS2/1
CD Box Set, John Lee Hooker – The Boogie Man S2/1
CD Box Set, Aretha Franklin – Queen of Soul S2/1
CD Box Set, Crosby, Stills & Nash – CSNS2/1
CD Box Set, The Allman Brothers Band – DreamsS2/1
CD Box Set, Derek & the Dominos – Layla SessionsS2/1
CD Box Set, The Complete Stax/Volt SinglesS2/1
CD Box Set, Steely Dan – Citizen, 1972 – 1980S2/1
CD Box Set, Bob Dylan – BiographS2/1
CD Box Set, Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series, Vols 1 – 3S2/1
Book – Tokyo UnderworldS2/1
Two Hockey Sticks
Ice Scraper
Small Hammer
Penny Board
Spare Door Knob
Soccer Balls
Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Bike Roller
Timbuk 2 backpack
Harbor Bay gym bag
Leather Briefcase
Blue Exercise Ball
Black Ikea Chair
Back Massage Machine
Nintendo Wii (English)
Nintendo Wii (Japanese)
Wii Games
Hot Jobs Frisbee
Playstation 3
PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse
Burton Snowboard
Snowboard Boots
Golf Clubs
Carpet, white
Folding Chairs
Nakamichi cassette deck
Amazon Fire HD8
Canon IXY digital camera & charger
Game – Microsoft, Close Combat & A Bridge Too Far
Game – Riven, The Sequel to Myst