Izumi’s Birthday Greetings

When I was in college, I made a Birthday Tape for my friend Fran Cavanaugh. Fran’s sister and I went out and walked the streets of Berkeley using a tape recorder to record people’s responses to the question, “What would you say to someone on their 18th birthday?”

The responses were so great. They ranged from, “Happy Birthday, Rock On Fran!!!” to pondering platitudes on the wonders of life. A couple of street musicians sang songs and we even recorded a bookstore proprietor walking the aisles helping us look for a book by, “the famous author, Fran Cavanaugh”

It was the best birthday present.

I want to make another collection, this time for my wife, Izumi, on her 50th birthday. Please help me out and dial +1-510-455-2826 and leave a message at the tone. Your recording will be captured below. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, just say “Happy Birthday” and whatever else you’d like to share with someone on their 50th.

THIS PAGE IS OUR SECRET until next week when, on Izumi’s Birthday, I will show it to her and play our collective birthday greetings. Until then, it’s ours to enjoy.



I showed Izumi this page today, for her birthday. After her initial surprise at all the messages, she composed herself for this Thank You message below.

Thank you EVERYONE who participated. Izumi really enjoyed hearing from all of you! I’ll leave this going for a few more days if you want to add your own message.