Mac OS Apps

A selection of software I’m running on my MacBook Air

I just upgraded my laptop so now is a good time as any to take stock of which apps I’m bringing over from my old machine.

Browsers – I work on the web all day and need to make sure the sites I work on look good in all browsers. I often have one browser cookied with all my default identities and then use the other two as test browsers where I clear cookies & cache on a regular basis to start fresh.

  • Google Chrome
    • Pocket – to save longish articles you want to read later
    • Save to Google Drive – useful for uploading screen captures to Google Drive library where thumbnail view can be used as a library of site designs
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Abduction! – adds “save page as image” to File menu so you can archive pages for later
    • Adobe Flash – yeah, it’s still needed sometimes
  • Apple Safari

Apps from the App Store

  • Numbers – spreadsheet of choice
  • Keynote – prefer it to PowerPoint
  • TinyGrab – great for quickly sharing screenshots to illustrate something
  • Pixelmator – a low cost alternative to PhotoShop. I prefer but that only runs on Windows.
  • TextWrangler – my text editor
  • Twitter – yeah, I use the app.
  • My Balsamic – used less now that the team is on MyBalsamiq
  • Caffeine – great little menu bar item that will keep your laptop from going to sleep

Apps downloaded from elsewhere


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