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  • Art is by humans, for humans

    Art is by humans, for humans

    I thoroughly enjoyed the final cut of Everything is a Remix which, if you’ve seen earlier cuts, has been updated to include a chapter about AI and its impact on Art. The conclusion is uplifting, affirming the triumph of human creativity over the robots. Kirby Ferguson completed this multi-year project, manually curating an impressive number […]

  • Search finds, chat extracts

    Search finds, chat extracts

    Publishers should not wait to experiment with conversational AI platforms so they can emerge from this Precambrian period with a reputation for quality that prevents them from disintermediation by the platforms.

  • The learned grammar of humanity

    The learned grammar of humanity

    Thank you Noam Chomsky for pointing out the key difference between generative AI and human “intelligence.” The human mind is not, like ChatGPT and its ilk, a lumbering statistical engine for pattern matching, gorging on hundreds of terabytes of data and extrapolating the most likely conversational response or most probable answer to a scientific question. […]

  • David Lindley, the Prince of Polyester

    David Lindley, the Prince of Polyester

    David Lindley celebrated the richness of the universe. He was a musician’s musician who reveled in discovering new sounds to reinterpret old songs.

  • Manhattan Tower of Terror

    Manhattan Tower of Terror

    A new hotel going up near Times Square is proposing putting one of those vertical-drop rides on the top of the building. In the request, Extell suggests that vertical-drop rides will pull in tourists as well as “a few jaded New Yorkers,” and pitches it as the next level for hoteliers who “must think flexibly […]

  • Ukraine


    Today is the anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The Stop Putin page is still up and the Yale School of Management estimates over 1,000 companies have withdrawn from Russia since the conflict started. If you’re looking for someplace to donate, check out the 1K Project. Looking through my archives, here’s a rundown of things […]

  • Wet Leg

    Wet Leg

    Nothing to report, just a musical interlude for your enjoyment. Chaise Longue blew up when it was first posted on YouTube. After a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist (they lost to Samara Joy who we saw recently at the Blue Note). “I was staying over at Hester’s house when we wrote it, and when I […]

  • AI Mongering

    AI Mongering

    I’ve been saving links to articles concerning the advancements & ethical quandaries related to ChatGPT, Bing AI Chat, Sydney, Bard and other Large Language Model AIs. All of this was in the hope that I’d be able to string together a cogent point of view about how I feel about the latest advancements. After doing […]

  • The Internet’s Circle of Life

    The Internet’s Circle of Life

    Paul Ford, great sage of internet culture, has a piece in Wired where he puts the inevitable dismantling of Twitter into perspective. Musk is merely the vehicle. The real reason Twitter lies in ruins is because it was an abomination before God. It was a Tower of Babel. The internet is always in motion, like […]

  • Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg

    I recognized the font of the “Howl” on the front of his baseball cap. We struck up a conversation about City Lights bookstore, Ferlinghetti, the Beats and old San Francisco. Eric was his name.  Turns out he was an agent for some of Allen Ginsberg’s art and hung out at his apartment on the Lower […]

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