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  • Request for Response

    I’ve been asked to pull together news and updates from my classmates at my high school and am going to try a little experiment – I’ll post the note here and have them respond via Comments. They can each see what the others write and build upon that to make something that will hopefully be […]

  • Pleasant Valley Road

    My neighbor gave me an old mountain bike which I fixed up and took out riding this weekend. On Saturday I went into Princeton to a co-worker’s backyard BBQ party and rode back that evening. I had lights and reflectors but I wasn’t prepared for overcast skies and no moon which made it pitch dark. […]

  • Class Self Portraits

    Finally got around to scanning in Tyler’s class self-portraits that were given out at his graduation ceremony. Wonderful to see how each child depicts himself. Jack’s got spiky hair, Amber and Natalie chose to accentuate their long eyelashes, Brooke has curley hair, and Jake a big, happy smile. The expressions are great too – Laila […]

  • Wanna join the RNC?

    Today I received an envelope in the mail not unlike those junk bank mailings that ask if you’d like to borrow money from them. It even came with one of those flimsy, fake credit cards with your name embossed in gold. Yet, this one was different, it was from George W. Bush. Dated “Wednesday Morning” […]

  • Friendster Andy

    There’s a profile of a guy on Friendster making the rounds with the most over-the-top About Me section that it’s worth posting in its entirety: I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice with my bare hands. I have been known to remodel train stations on my lunch breaks, making them […]

  • Picture Thread

    I have no idea who this poor fellow is but this hilarous running commentary on one of the subjects in a photo taken at a party is a gem of collective image discourse! via Joi Ito

  • Questions

    Izumi and the kids are away in Japan for a month so Tyler could attend the last few weeks of Japanese kindergarten and hopefully pick up some of the language – a bit of an experiment. Before he left he asked me why things get smaller when they move further away into the distance. Good […]

  • Mad Ernie Fletcher

    Mad Ernie Fletcher

    Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher was the source of widespread panic in the Capitol yesterday when the Governor’s Beech King Air 200 lost its transponder signal 13 miles away from the DC area airport. The air traffic controllers with the FAA knew about this but neglected to inform the folks that run air security for the […]

  • Nashville

    Greetings for Nashville, Tennessee where I am writing to you from the Factiva booth while we wait for the sound crew to finish hooking up the A/V equipment for tomorrow. I’m here for the next few days for the annual gathering of the Special Librarian’s Association where we will show off our latest developments. The […]

  • Ride of the Valkyries

    Ride of the Valkyries

    I’m not normally a muscle bike type of person but the image of the new 1800cc Honda Valkyrie caught my eye. I think I feel a mid-life crisis coming on!

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