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  • Luau > Vermont

    We just got back from a week and a half holiday that took us to Hawaii (where we whooped it up at the Royal Luau with Great-Grandmother Takei) and Corinth, Vermont where we danced under the stars in celebration of Jamie and Heather’s wedding. Jamie Kidder is my old high-school roommate.

  • Blogs

    Blogs have now entered into the mainstream. AOL is releasing a blog package for all its subscribers and now Doonesbury has picked up on the trend as well.

  • Blackout

    They’re calling it the largest blackout the Northeast has ever seen. The Blackout captures the event from the perspective of moblogs all across NYC where thousands were stranded without a way to get home. Safe in the Factiva offices, all we noticed was a brief flickering of the lights and a sev alert email calmly […]

  • Gross National Cool

    Do you think Japan is Cool? “Japan is reinventing superpower—again. Instead of collapsing beneath its widely reported political and economic misfortunes, Japan’s global cultural influence has quietly grown. From pop music to consumer electronics, architecture to fashion, and animation to cuisine, Japan looks more like a cultural superpower today than it did in the 1980s, […]

  • Tyler’s First Joke

    Tyler told his first joke: Q: Why did the cow cross the road? A: To go to the mooovies!

  • Sketches

    The spiral eyes is part of his unique style.

  • Amtrak

    I’m writing this on the train ride from hell on the way home from a three day trip to Boston. I thought I’d be clever and take Amtrak because their high speed Acela trains have electric outlets so while viewing the New England coastline slip by I could catch up on my email backlog. Little […]

  • Jury Duty

    My number’s finally come up – I’ve been summoned to appear at the Mercer County Court House to serve as a Petit Juror.

  • Julia

    Thank you for the kind card Richard & Diedre!

  • Honda Cog

    Honda Cog

    I just can’t get over how amazing Honda’s “cog” commercial has been. It’s got to be one of the most linked to sites around, 2 minutes of pure analog fun. I read this took 600 takes to get it right.

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