Stop Doing Business with Russia

Sanctions are not going to be enough. You need to have a major international response, where governments decide on their own accord that they can’t do business with Russia for a period of time until this is resolved. We need a temporary suspension of business activity with Russia. Just as we wouldn’t be having a full-blown diplomatic negotiation for anything but a ceasefire and withdrawal while Ukraine is still being actively invaded, so it’s the same thing with business. Right now you’re fueling the invasion of Ukraine. So what we need is a suspension of business activity with Russia until Moscow ceases hostilities and withdraws its troops.

Fiona Hill – Former Senior Director for Europe and Russia at the United States National Security Council

Last week, as the news of a general boycott of Russia broke, I started to keep track as the stories came out announcing which company was cutting off ties. As this table grew longer, I found it necessary to break things up into categories. I’ve stored all the headlines in a Notion table so you can click on any of the buttons below if you’re interested in just one industry. The running list is at the bottom of the page.

Who’s Left? Here’s a partial list of companies with “significant exposure” compiled by researchers at Yale University.

The Running List

  • Abbott Labs
  • Amgen
  • Avaya
  • Ferragamo
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Hilton (29 locations in Russia)
  • Kimberly-Clark (3% of revenue from Russia, or approximately $600 million)
  • Marriott (at least 10 locations in Russia)
  • Mars (over $2 billion invested in Russia)
  • & Tinder
  • Riot Games
  • Valve
  • Whirlpool
May 23Starbucks is exiting Russia, shutting 130 stores
May 15McDonald’s is leaving Russia altogether
Apr. 15Hyatt becomes 1st US hotel company to terminate hotel contract over Ukraine war
Apr. 14Popular Computer Fonts Blocked Amid Sanctions Over War In Ukraine
Apr. 12Nokia to stop doing business in Russia
Mar. 29J&J to stop selling personal care products in Russia
Mar. 28Credit Suisse Stops New Business in Russia, Cuts Exposure
Mar. 28Carlsberg joins rival Heineken in quitting Russia, faces big hit
Mar. 28Heineken to exit Russia at cost of around 400 million euros
Mar. 24Renault suspends Russia operations after backlash
Mar. 23Nestle to suspend many products in Russia including KitKat
Mar. 21Pirelli stops new investment in Russia, puts brakes on tyre manufacturing in Russia
Mar. 19Botox maker AbbVie suspends operations in Russia
Mar. 16Slack begins suspending accounts in Russia
Mar. 15Paramount Pauses Operations in Russia
Mar. 14Citigroup expands Russia withdrawal, raising prospect of losses
Mar. 14Bridgestone To Stop Tire Production in Russia
Mar. 11Herbalife Nutrition Suspends Operations in Russia
Mar. 11Deutsche Bank reverses course on Russia, says it is unwinding business there
Mar. 10Papa John’s International suspends corporate operations in Russia
Mar. 10Burger King halts corporate support for its 800-plus franchised locations in Russia
Mar. 10Jack Daniel’s suspends commercial operations in Russia
Mar. 10Deere suspends shipments to Russia, Belarus
Mar. 10Goldman Sachs to exit Russia
Mar. 10In a reversal, Uniqlo’s owner pulls out of Russia.
Mar. 9Caterpillar suspends operations in Russia
Mar. 9Philip Morris Suspends Investments in Russia
Mar. 9Gauloises Cigarette Maker Halts Russia Operations Amid Sanctions
Mar. 9Nestle to halt all capital investment in Russia
Mar. 9Heineken Halts Beer Sales in Russia, Joins Corporate Exodus
Mar. 9KFC and Pizza Hut owner and Heineken pause business in Russia
Mar. 8From Toyota to JT, corporate Japan pulls staff out of Russia
Mar. 8Iconic U.S. brands Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonald’s suspend business in Russia
Mar. 8Bumble discontinuing operations in Russia
Mar. 8Amazon Web Services blocks new sign-ups from Russia and Belarus
Mar. 8Ferrari suspends exports to Russia, Lamborghini puts business on hold
Mar. 8The New York Times Pulls Its News Staff From Russia
Mar. 8Condé Nast suspends publishing operations in Russia
Mar. 8McDonald’s to temporarily close 850 stores in Russia
Mar. 8GE suspends its operations in Russia
Mar. 7Zara closes 500 Russian stores
Mar. 7Cloudflare moves customer encryption key material out of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus
Mar. 725,000 crypto wallets linked to Russia blocked by Coinbase
Mar. 7Estee Lauder to suspend all commercial activities in Russia
Mar. 7P&G ending new capital investments, reducing portfolio in Russia
Mar. 7Bank of Portugal tells lenders to freeze accounts of Russian oligarchs
Mar. 7Russia will be excluded from all JPMorgan fixed income indexes
Mar. 7Levi’s, a Cold War emblem, suspends operations in Russia
Mar. 6Accounting firms KPMG and PwC to exit Russia
Mar. 6Netflix Suspends Service in Russia Amid Invasion of Ukraine
Mar. 6French food group Danone suspends investments in Russia
Mar. 5Komatsu and Hitachi Construction halt shipments to Russia
Mar. 5Nintendo suspends digital sales in Russia
Mar. 5Prada says it is suspending retail operations in Russia
Mar. 5Nvidia Stops All Product Sales To Russia
Mar. 5Russian and Belarusian gymnasts and officials banned from International Gymnastics Federation competitions
Mar. 4Autodesk and Netscout left Russia
Mar. 4Canon Stops All Product Deliveries Into Russia
Mar. 4Adobe stops all new sales in Russia
Mar. 4Carlsberg halts exports, new investments into Russia
Mar. 4Bombardier cuts ties with Russia in response to invasion
Mar. 4S&P Dow Jones make rare move to strip all Russian companies from its namesake stock indexes
Mar. 4Samsung has stopped shipping products to Russia
Mar. 4Ukrainian-founded Grammarly is donating all the money it made in Russia since 2014
Mar. 4LVMH and Gucci join Hermès, Chanel and Richemont
Mar. 4Microsoft stops sales in Russia
Mar. 4Airbnb suspending all operations in Russia and Belarus
Mar. 4Google suspends all advertising in Russia
Mar. 3LEGO halts shipments to Russia following Ukraine invasion, makes $16.5 million donation
Mar. 3Accenture Exits Russia, Expresses Solidarity With Ukraine
Mar. 3VW, Porsche, Bentley exports to Russia halted on sanctions
Mar. 3Cisco Systems is latest American company to stop business operations in Russia
Mar. 3Ikea closes all stores and factories in Russia amid exodus of western firms
Mar. 3Reddit bans links to Russian state media across the entire site
Mar. 3Anna Netrebko, a Russian star tied to Putin, is out at the Metropolitan Opera
Mar. 3SAP pausing all sales of SAP services and products in Russia
Mar. 3Electronic Arts removes Russian teams from FIFA 22 game
Mar. 3Fédération Internationale Féline banning Russian cats from its competitions
Mar. 3Formula 1 cancels contract for all future Russian events
Mar. 3Royal Caribbean to cancel 2022 sailings to Russia
Mar. 3Spotify removes content from Kremlin-backed RT and Sputnik and closes Russia office
Mar. 3Björk Cancels Moscow Concert After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Mar. 3UK satellite company OneWeb cancels all Russian launches after dramatic fallout with space agency
Mar. 3Even The Wax Museum Is Ditching Vladimir Putin
Mar. 3Russian and Belarusian athletes banned from Winter Paralympics
Mar. 2DHL suspends deliveries to Russia and Belarus
Mar. 2ABB pauses intake of orders from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
Mar. 2Volvo, Scania and Ericsson suspending business in Russia
Mar. 2Puma Says Deliveries Stopped to Russia but Stores Open
Mar. 2World Bank ends programs in Russia and Belarus
Mar. 2Canada Goose Announces Donation to United Nations, Suspends Sales in Russia
Mar. 2Amex block Russian banks after sanctions
Mar. 2Honda suspends vehicle sales to Russia
Mar. 2H&M halts sales in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine
Mar. 2PayPal stops accepting new users in Russia
Mar. 2Snapchat pauses ads in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
Mar. 2Oracle says it has suspended all operations in Russia
Mar. 2Airbus pulls out of Russia in another blow to country’s aviation industry
Mar. 1Universal Pictures Pauses All Theatrical Releases in Russia
Mar. 1HP Hits Russia With US-Backed Shipment Ban
Mar. 1Adidas suspends partnership with Russian football union
Mar. 1Jaguar Land Rover pauses car sales to Russia
Mar. 1Harley-Davidson suspends Russia operations, bike shipments
Mar. 1BMW Halts Production in Russia and Stops Exports to the Country
Mar. 1DuckDuckGo pauses its relationship with Russian search engine Yandex
Mar. 1GoDaddy no longer supports new registrations for the .ru extensions
Mar. 1Nokia stops deliveries to Russia
Mar. 1Uber And Bolt Sever Links To Russia
Mar. 1Boeing suspends Moscow engineering center and halts support to Russian airlines
Mar. 1Facebook has stopped recommending Russian state media globally
Mar. 1Mastercard and Visa cut off Russian banks from their networks
Mar. 1NYPD pension fund to divest $42M of Russian-issued securities investments
Mar. 1Nike Makes Online Sales Unavailable in Russia
Mar. 1Exxon is quitting its last Russian project
Mar. 1Google Maps Is Blocking Edits In Ukraine After Claims It May Have Been Used To Coordinate Russian Air Strikes
Mar. 1DirecTV Drops Russia-Backed RT Channel “Effective Immediately”
Mar. 1NYSE, Nasdaq halt trading in stocks of Russia-based companies
Mar. 1Putin loses World Taekwondo black belt over invasion
Mar. 1Namecheap ends service for Russian customers due to government’s ‘war crimes’
Mar. 1YouTube blocks RT and Sputnik channels across Europe
Mar. 1Disney will stop releasing films in Russia
Mar. 1Maersk, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd suspend shipping to and from Russia
Mar. 1Apple Halted Product Sales In Russia And Booted RT News And Sputnik News From App Store
Feb. 28Ericsson suspends deliveries to Russia
Feb. 28Rakuten removes ads from Viber app in Russia and Ukraine, won’t block service
Feb. 28TSMC, Intel, AMD halt shipments to Russia
Feb. 28Twitter will mark tweets with links to Russian state-backed media and limit their reach
Feb. 28Canada’s Cable TV Giants (Rogers & Bell Canada) Pull Russian State-Backed RT Channel
Feb. 28Microsoft to remove RT apps, ban Russian state-owned media ads
Feb. 28‘Morbius’ & Other Sony Planned Future Films Pulled From Russia Release
Feb. 28Warner Bros. Pulls ‘The Batman’ Russia Release
Feb. 28Netflix Won’t Add Russian Broadcasters to Service, Defying New Regulation
Feb. 28DroneDek in Lawrence won’t offer its product to Russia
Feb. 28Volvo Cars said it would suspend car shipments to the Russian market
Feb. 28HSBC orders staff to drop Russian banks VTB, VEB
Feb. 28Daimler Truck suspends business activities in Russia
Feb. 28NHL suspends business with Russian partners
Feb. 28GM said it would suspend all vehicle exports to Russia
Feb. 28Equinor to start exiting from Joint Ventures in Russia
Feb. 28Shell to end partnership with Russia’s Gazprom
Feb. 27UPS and FedEx halting shipments to Russia and Ukraine
Feb. 27The International Judo Federation throws out Putin.
Feb. 27Norway says its sovereign fund will divest from Russia
Feb. 27Google blocks Russia’s RT app downloads on Ukrainian territory
Feb. 27New York State to stop doing business with Russia, Hochul says
Feb. 27BP to exit Rosneft Shareholding
Feb. 26MIT Cuts Ties With Skoltech In Wake Of Russian Invasion In Ukraine
Feb. 26Some Russian bank customers have been cut off from Apple Pay and Google Pay
Feb. 25Wichita liquor store takes Russian vodka off shelves
Feb. 25Eurovision organizers say no Russian act will compete this year
Feb. 25Shipments Of Products To Russia Halted By Intel, Dell & Lenovo

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