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  • Comcast is the new AOL

    Eight years ago Vincent Ferrari tried to cancel his AOL account while a customer service rep, “annoyed the shit” out of him vainly trying to stick to his script. AOL Cancellation in 2006 In 2014, Ryan Block, formerly of Engaget (purchased in 2005 by AOL btw) hits a similar wall while he’s pummeled by rep […]

  • The Modern Media Stack

    All eyes are on SB Nation who will play host to a new gadget site powered by eight staffers hired away from Engadget over at AOL. Former Engadget editor, Joshua Topolsky, describes being attracted to SB Nation’s vision which is equal part passionate writing (no one ever reads an “objective” sports column) and sophisticated real-time […]

  • Tony Conrad on TWIST

    I’m an occasional listener to Jason Calacanis’ podcast, This Week in Start Ups. The guests really make the show and this episode from a few weeks back with Tony Conrad, a partner at True Ventures, is killer. Tony didn’t get too much time to talk about his latest product, about.me but he did share a lot […]

  • Are we there yet?

    So if Microsoft and Yahoo are cross-linking their two IM networks and now AOL and Microsoft are set to announce a link up on Monday, does that mean that someone with Microsoft Messenger may be able to see both the AOL and Yahoo IM networks? We’ll have to wait for the conference call on Monday.

  • Steve Case talks his game

    Steve Case talks his game

    One thing I love about being in the Bay Area is that there are so many interesting events related to my industry going on all the time. Just up the street MacWorld is going off as Steve Job’s counterpoint to the CES show in Las Vegas last week. A lot of us at Six Apart […]

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