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  • Lucid Stead

    Beautiful installation on an old homestead in Joshua Tree. Check out the video of the how & why.

  • Why Ise is rebuilt every 20 years

    Why Ise is rebuilt every 20 years

    The Shinto shrines of Ise in central Japan are famous because they have been re-built every 20 years for hundreds of years (2013 is a re-building year). In an example of long term thinking, there is a special grove of cedar trees that are grown specifically so that they may be harvested in time for […]

  • Google Japan – Design

    My good friends Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham were contracted to design the Google offices in Japan. Google asked them to integrate design motifs from the host country and, as is their style, they re-purposed everyday objects such as Japanese Sentō murals, giant car wash brushes, and soba stand noren to great, playful effect. More […]

  • Alameda Theatre Restored to Art Deco Grandeur

    Alameda Theatre Restored to Art Deco Grandeur

    When I moved to Alameda four years ago I was struck by the beauty of the local movie palace. It was clearly from a different time, built before VCRs and DVDs, when going to the movies was a social activity, an occasion which you would dress up, put on something special. Since closing its doors […]

  • Sauna in a Container

    Sauna in a Container

    The Sauna Box is water tight and can be transported to any location, needs minimum site preparation, has a wood fired stove and is electrically powered by solar panels. Moco Loco

  • Peeling away the years

    On Market Street in downtown San Francisco they’re pulling away the awful faux marble facade from a building and revealing the preserved brownstone that’s been hidden from view all these years. The style reminds me of the wonderful Mauresque arches on the Stanford campus so maybe this building comes from the same era. It’ll be […]

  • From the ground up

    The price of homes are so high and the opportunities for massive appreciation on the sale of a restored Victorian that those with time and money on their hands are buying old run down houses and giving them a complete makeover. We met one couple that had this dream and they would drive the streets […]

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